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Chinese military adopts new rules against cybersecurity risks

The Chinese military will adopt a new regulation on confidentiality in a move to better manage cybersecurity risks amid the increasingly intense strategic games between China and the US, experts said on Wednesday.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/19 18:22:42

Real-time update on coronavirus outbreak

Latest in battle against coronavirus
Source: Global Times 2020/1/22 21:15:00

Xi stresses importance of care to medics to ensure their health in the fight against the epidemic

Xi stresses importance of care to medics to ensure their health in the fight against the epidemic
Source: People's Daily 2020/2/19 17:26:10

COVID-19 can transmit by aerosol, health authorities confirm

The novel coronavirus can spread through aerosol transmission if a person is exposed to an enclosed environment with a high concentration of aerosol for a long time, China's top health body said, revising a previous assessment that said such transmission routes were yet to be confirmed.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/19 17:18:41

1分快3China sees more newly recovered coronavirus patients than new infections for 1st time

China's daily number of newly recovered novel coronavirus patients has surpassed that of new confirmed infections for the first time, according to the National Health Commission.
Source: Xinhua 2020/2/19 13:50:45

Nurse and her 3 family members die of COVID-19 in Wuhan

A nurse, her parents and brother in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province, epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, have died of the fatal virus, the government of Wuhan said on Tuesday.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/19 12:18:09

National public opinion immune to overseas rumors: experts

Baseless claims deliberately designed to tarnish China's efforts in fighting against COVID-19 that have emerged occasionally on Chinese internet have been found mostly to be originated from overseas, and Chinese observers noted on Tuesday that such rumors won't impact the mainstream opinion in China, as the public have grown familiar with such old tricks.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/19 0:53:40

Singapore's anti-virus measures lessons for Chinese metropolises

Amid a scramble by Chinese local governments to fight the COVID-19, observers said viral containment measures adopted by Singapore, a city state with the second highest confirmed cases outside of China, such as rapid response mechanisms, government transparency and comprehensive monitoring can be used as reference by Chinese metropolises.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/19 0:48:40

India sending medical supplies to China to aid viral fight: envoy

India is sending medical supplies to China this week to help combat the novel coronavirus epidemic, Indian Ambassador to China Vikram Misri told the Global Times, adding that "India will do everything within its means to support the people of China in this hour of crisis."
Source: Global Times 2020/2/19 0:43:40

Grassroots govt workers accused of overacting amid virus outbreak

Series of acts by grassroots workers in epidemic prevention and control, including tying up a villager who refused to wear a mask to a pillar and slapping people for playing mahjong, have been criticized by netizens and provoked public backlash for abuse of power.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/19 0:40:39

TCM tests effective against COVID-19, widely applied in clinic

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been widely used in China's fight against novel coronavirus pneumonia, as five kinds of prescription were tested effective against the virus, experts said, amid controversy over the thousands-year-old therapy's efficacy compared with modern medicine.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/18 22:43:40

Jinan slammed for asking employed women to take care of kids at home as schools close amid virus outbreak

Jinan, capital of East China's Shandong Province, has been at the center of controversy after calling for employed women to mainly take care of kids at home during school closures amid the COVID-19 outbreak, drawing criticism over gender prejudice.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/18 22:27:36

Xi says China willing to strengthen health cooperation with France

China is willing to strengthen practical cooperation with France in the health sector so as to jointly safeguard regional and global public health security, Chinese President Xi Jinping said in a phone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday.
Source: Xinhua 2020/2/18 20:54:09

Xi says China's battle against COVID-19 making visible progress

China's measures to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic are achieving visible progress as the battle has reached a crucial time, Chinese President Xi Jinping said in a phone conversation with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday.
Source: Xinhua 2020/2/18 20:04:09

A Beijing district govt quarantines 69 employees after one confirmed coronavirus infection

A Beijing district official confirmed on Tuesday that one of its government employees has been infected with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), causing 69 more in quarantine, but denied rumors that the infection case has led to a shutdown of the district government.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/18 19:38:51

Human transmissions in Wuhan haven't stopped: top health adviser

Human-to-human transmission of novel coronavirus has not been stopped in Wuhan, central government's top medical adviser Zhong Nanshan cautioned, pointing out urgent tasks in curtailing the spread of the virus, at a press conference on Tuesday in Guangzhou, South China's Guangdong Province.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/18 18:57:57

彩609Female nurses shave heads for coronavirus fight, sparking 'discrimination' debate

A video of a group of female medical staff having their heads shaved before joining the mission in the coronavirus outbreak epicenter of Hubei Province has sparked controversy, with some netizens suspecting that it was an insult to women. Others said they believe the frontline medical staff have the last say in whether they were voluntarily doing this.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/18 18:07:00

Chinese arms companies race to keep up with production schedule delayed by virus outbreak

Chinese arms enterprises have been racing to keep up with their production schedule after resuming work following an extended Spring Festival holiday due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak with a key amphibious assault ship maker scrambling to outfit an "important" ship and aviation companies running test flights for newly built warplanes.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/18 18:04:26

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